Friday, August 19, 2011's finally official

I went to the doctor today to get the results of my blood work, which I already knew the answers to.  Low Iron and B12 due to anemia, but I'm taking the easy iron pills so we'll have more blood work in a month and a half to see if that helps.  But, I have also been having problems with my eyes and seeing things close, like words.  I wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything going on inside my eyes as a result of the lack of minerals etc.  The Dr didn't think so, but she tried an experiment on me.....right there in the doctors office!!  She handed me a magazine and asked me if I could read it, I said yes, but it's blury.  She handed me a pair of glasses and said, how bout now?  I said out loud...Holy Shit! What a difference!!.  "I can see, I can see, thank God Almighty, I can see!!!!!!"  Well, it wasn't quite THAT dramatic, but you get the idea.  The answer from my doctor?  She said,  (ahem) "you're just getting old".
So, it is finally official.....I'm old...... (er)

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