Tuesday, March 24, 2020


We are in Day 9 of a 14 day self isolation quarantine because we were in Orlando, Florida visiting DisneyWorld.
I'd like to point out that quarantine is not that hard, for all of those people whining they cant go out.
Think of the consequences. This virus will never go away if people go out and socialize and not keep distance from others.  I akin it to the old 1980's Faberge shampoo commercial, IF YOU DON'T quarantine...

You infect two friends (2) and they infect two friends (4) and they infect two friends (8), and so on (16), and so on (32), and so on (64)... well, you get the picture. You can see just how fast this virus can spread.

In the 9 days so far, we have done alot of things around the house. We've cleaned out the garage, cleaned gutters, power washed all the cement outside, washed the cars, thoroughly cleaned out and disinfected the inside of the cars, played games, puzzles, watched movies, caught up on tv shows, etc.
I still have to clean one more room, but I have alot of time still.  The point is, don't complain, get things done. Read a book... WRITE a book, whatever it takes.

I'd like to take this time to thank the doctors, nurses and all essential service workers out there on the front line.
I'd also like to thank all those friends and family that have come to our need with groceries, etc. When all this is over, I have alot of lunches, dinners or coffee "dates" to plan.
Everyone needs to do their part at this time. Cover your mouth and nose, keep social distance, self quarantine if needed (or even not), but most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS !!!

And finally, to all those out there NOT heeding warnings, you don't think you're going to get it... you don't know that. Everyone is susceptible. You could still carry it and pass it without having symptoms. Listen to your Health Officers or Surgeon Generals, and not those who have no idea or any knowledge of viruses or pandemics. Serious times require serious measures.

I am immune compromised and even though I have no symptoms, I am in quarantine with my family.  To be honest, I will still probably stay at home because it's safer. I don't trust others out there in the world. I don't trust they will follow the rules. I am very anxious about my life right now and that of my family.  PLEASE, follow what the professionals are telling you. Certain leaders... well just one actually, *cough* Trump, is making everything worse and I feel for my US family and friends.

Please take a look at links below for COVID 19:

Canada - Health Canada

Also, for us IBD'ers, go to your country's Crohn's and Colitis sites.

Canada - Crohns and Colitis Canada
USA - Crohns Colitis Foundation
UK - Crohns and Colitis UK

My final thought on this matter.
To all those out there around the world who think COVID 19 is a hoax?   

Go "F" yourself !!

Friday, March 20, 2020

You Might Be a Crohnie

If you stop counting your bowel movements after 20 in a 12 hour period
... you might be a Crohnie

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


COVID-19 has been around now since December 31, 2019 (first reported to WHO) and now has turned into a pandemic, I am shocked at just how stupid people are. No one can honestly say, "I didn't know", unless you just walked out of a cave with no contact with the outside world.
People are STILL coughing and sneezing without covering there mouths or nose.... REALLY?!?!
As someone with a low immune system, I feel like grabbing them and ask them, "are you really THAT f'ing stupid?!!!" 
If you are sick, STAY HOME!! Don't go out, don't go to work, stay away from people. And to those I see coughing and sneezing into your hands and DON'T wash or sanitize your hands, I just want to smack you up side the head!
Alot of people are doing what they are suppose to do, but there are far too many NOT.

Last week, we were in Orlando, Florida experiencing the wonders of Disneyworld. Our hotel, the Coronado Springs Resort had hand sanitizing stations throughout the resort, which was great.
Even Disneyworld  had sanitizing stations throughout the park as well as their security check point and staff members throughout the park had them attached to their belts. I have never seen so many people sanitizing their hands after getting off rides, it was great!!  Even our Disney bus ride to and from the airport made announcements regarding washing your hands and sanitizing after touching surfaces.
BUT, then there are those that were in the parks coughing and sneezing out in the open, not giving a care in the world. Now... this does not mean they have the virus, BUT it's just common courtesy to COUGH OR SNEEZE INTO THE BEND OF YOU ELBOW !!  I watched people while in line to rides coughing into their hands, and then touch the railings. Kids rolling around on the floor and then eat something and then touch railings, etc. I just.... don't.... get it.  What is wrong with people?
While we were there, Disney and Universal Studios closed on the Sunday (15th). We were to be at Universal for the Sunday and Monday, but cut our trip short and missed Universal all together. We were worried about getting home. We live in Canada, but flew out of Seattle and had to drive back from Seattle and cross the border.  With the constant changing rules and regulations we just wanted to get home at this point. Luckily we were flying Alaska Airlines and my brother in law is a pilot for them so we were able to use some passes to fly standby to get home early. No problems at the border either. We, especially me, were happy to be home. I could now breathe a little easier. I didn't want to be stuck in another country with an auto immune disease, with the threat of a pandemic AND my travel insurance would have been void because of it.  
I have never been so happy to see the Canadian flag. 
We are now in self quarantine at home for 14 days. None of us are showing any signs, but better safe than sorry.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum. People hoarding food and basic necessities. Why do you need 9 packages of 36 rolls of toilet paper??? Do you realize that's 324 rolls??  And water. Why do you need to stock up on water??!!  They are not going to shut off the water. I just don't get it. People are panicking, for no reason at all!!  Stores should be putting limits on items so everyone can buy food and necessities. I blame the stores for some of the panic buying.

Practice social distancing and WASH YOUR HANDS !!!!  The spread needs to stop somewhere, why not start the stop with you.

(rant over)