Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Starting to Paint Again

I haven't been in the mood lately to paint.....but got in to it the other night. 
So, here's "Waterfall II"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weight gain or not weight gain, that is the question

Well, I think I've decided on the Remicade, but I found out I have to wait til the end of November for my next gastro appt.  So, almost 3 months to "stir".  Fun.  I guess the benefits outweigh the costs.  If I get cancer, I get cancer.  There's no way to stop it really.  I could get cancer whether I take the Remicade or not. I'm more worried about my liver and the fact they have to test it all the time....but....if it'll heal me and take away the pain, or even let me gain some weight!  I'll be happy.  I need to find out how much this is going to cost, money wise as well.........Let's see where this new journey takes us shall we......

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Decision Time

Talked to my Dr after my colonoscopy, still groggy of course, so I'm glad my wife was there, and she said what I didn't want to hear.  She found "significant inflammation" about 10 inches in.  Options given..?

1. Surgery
2. Start on a drug called Remicade
3. Start on a drug called Humera

Now, the problem I'm having is, that I need to do one of them.  I've already ruled out #3 as it involves injections.  Remicade is intravenously, but some of the possible side effects are what I'm worried about (cancer).  And surgery doesn't really solve anything, it'll return either way.
Not alot of choices.....
Anyone out there on either Humera or Remicade..??????

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's, It's....

....Angry, Frustrated Man!!!!
I had a specialist appt on Tuesday and she wants me to go in for a colonoscopy....on Friday.  That's pretty quick I'm thinking.  I'm also thinking, what the hell is wrong.  So, here we go.  Today is Wednesday and my gut is doing flip flops like it's taking part in the Gastro Olympics or something!  Going to the washroom every half hour, eventhough I haven't barely eaten anything.  Angry and frustrated..?  Yyyyyyep, you could say that. (insert apology here for my family)
But there's nothing like a Friday being knocked out and having a camera shoved up your ass!  Unless you're in college, then that's a regular occurance.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

100th Post

So, I noticed that this is my 100th post and I can't believe I've written on here so many times.  Even my wife said, "Has it been that many already?".  Now comes the task of what to write for such a special occasion.  I thought about it for a few days and came up with something that I haven't written about yet.  Sooooo, I thought, why not write a "Thank you" card.
Where to start.  There are literally hundreds of people I can thank during my bout with Crohn's and I know I'm going to forget some (sorry). 
I want to start by thanking the doctor who finally diagnosed me after months and months of seeing doctors.  Then all the doctors I've seen since, in hospitals, offices and clinics.  My current family doctor, my surgeon, my gastroenterologist, all can never ever be thanked enough.....ever.  The fabulous nurses that I've had the pleasure of knowing and even the ones I don't know (operating room nurses).  Dieticians, counselors and other hospital patients.  Current and past employers and employees who put up with my abscences, especially since I never know when I'm going to be abscent (last minute).  Those other Crohn's patients, sufferers, battlers and survivors who I've talked to and helped me and those I've helped in my own little way.  My friends who have helped me and my family over the 20+ years, not only with helping out physically and monetarily, but mentally as well.  Alot can be said with just words....thank you.
Then there is my family.  They have put up with the most crap over the years.  First....sorry, then..thank you.
My dad, whom has always been there, no matter what and whatever the distance.  My mum, who always tried to keep my spirits up even when I was 120lbs and people thought I had AIDS.  She's gone now, but I know she's still got my back.  My England family, who helped me out when I became very ill while visiting and were right.....I probably should have stayed longer and had the surgery there instead of flying 8 hours in tremendous pain.  My extended family, step and inlaws, who were brought in on this "journey" without being asked.  My brothers and sister who have understanded, cared and helped along the way.  My two kids, who still don't understand fully what's up with Dad, but try very hard not to "get Daddy" in the stomach area, and I know it must be frustrating for them sometimes trying to understand why Daddy can't play with them or go to some places with them.  But maybe one day soon they will get it.
And finally, to the one person who puts up with me daily and sometimes I don't know lovely wife.  She has stayed with me, even when we were dating, knowing about what I had.  She didn't run away, like others had in the past.  She has been there through thick and thin, through hospital visits, surgeries, and the like.  Through my stubborness and stupidity over the disease.  She has been my rock, my everything.  She completes me.  I don't know what I would do or where I would be without her.....I love you.
Thank you to you all....I can never repay you.