Saturday, September 10, 2011

Decision Time

Talked to my Dr after my colonoscopy, still groggy of course, so I'm glad my wife was there, and she said what I didn't want to hear.  She found "significant inflammation" about 10 inches in.  Options given..?

1. Surgery
2. Start on a drug called Remicade
3. Start on a drug called Humera

Now, the problem I'm having is, that I need to do one of them.  I've already ruled out #3 as it involves injections.  Remicade is intravenously, but some of the possible side effects are what I'm worried about (cancer).  And surgery doesn't really solve anything, it'll return either way.
Not alot of choices.....
Anyone out there on either Humera or Remicade..??????

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robby9 said...

Hey man sorry to hear about your bad news but i just to tell you to hang in there ive been on remicade for about 8 years now and it has helped me a lot since ive been on remicade i may have one flare a year sometimes i worry about the possible side affects like cancer but hey what doesnt seem to cause cancer these days sor me the good outways the bad but i know everyone is effected diffrent if you have any questions about my experiance with remicade please feel free to ask i follow you on twitter im uga32