Monday, May 31, 2021


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Monday, May 24, 2021

Hadlima Biosimilar

 I live in Canada and while my country is great for universal health care, the money from the Federal government is dispursed amongst the provinces and territories for their own needs.  

MY provincial government, the NDP of British Columbia, in their "wisdom" has decided to forcibly switch my medication for the sole reason of money.  No consideration to me as the patient.  A non-medical switch from my biosimilar, Humira (adalimumab), to a biosimilar, Hadlima. Crohns and Colitis Canada, doctors and practitioners have been advocating on behalf of patients since 2019, falling on deaf ears at the government level.  They did this a couple years back when I was on Remicade. Back in April, I wrote a letter to our provincial government, the Health Minister and the Premier, as well as news agencies, and the ONLY response I received was a note from a general entity within the government, with a link to biosimilars.  I don't need more information on biosimilars and biologics, I'm pretty sure I have done way more research on the meds than the government ever did.  I asked for proof that switching patients who are long-term users of biologics, to biosimilars has no side effects.  I also asked where were all these "savings" being directed to.  No surprise I received zero response.

I am not saying that biosimilars don't work, I see plenty of evidence they do.  That's not in question.  What I am asking those who are in charge, to prove to me that forcibly switching patients for nonmedical reasons, is better than leaving them on medications that are working for them.  The decision to switch should be between the patient and the doctor and not the government. 

I have had Crohns disease for 33 years and the past 10 of those have been on biologics.  The ONLY drug that has worked for me and believe me, I've tried many.  I understand using biosimilars, but it should be for patients who have not tried biologics and keep those who are on them, ON THEM.  When, and if, the biologic stops working for them, THEN switch to the biosimilar.  Not say, "too bad, we're switching you" end of story.

I guess we'll find out what happens to me after June 2 when I am supposed to start Hadlima.  Hopefully, it works and keeps my Crohn's at bay. 

No one ever said there were ethics in government. They are proving it now.

****UPDATE****  My Hadlima starts July and not June 2

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

You Might Be A Crohnie If...

 If you smile and nod on the outside while someone tells you how you can "cure" your disease, but you are rolling your eyes on the inside might be a Crohnie