Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome 2011

Well, I rang in the new year with gusto this time.  I got some sort of virus or bacterial infection just before new years and ended up in hospital because I couldn't stop going to the bathroom.  Every hour, sometimes twice an hour.  So, of course, I ended up getting dehydrated.  It took 10 in hospital to recover enough to come home.  I'm fine now, but what's really weird is I can't stop eating!!  I'm hungry all the time!!  I've switched to brewed coffee (tastes better anyway), my daily bathroom visits have reduced (yay) and I have energy!  Energy!??  I had almost forgot what that was, for gods sake.  I don't know why.....maybe something in hospital after all the antibiotics they gave me or what....don't know.  Whatever happened, it's working.

But, being who I am.......and how I look at things........I'm thinking, yeeeeeah, how long til I'm sick again?  Hmmmm