Monday, January 18, 2021

Slow and Steady......

 There's that saying, "slow and steady wins the race", which may be true, but it is so frustrating.

So, for me, it's more than frustrating. I had my first surgery mid September for temporary ostomy which failed and caused further problems with my kidneys from the watery output. My GFR was down to 5 (normal LOW is 60) and was going into kidney failure. That ended me back into hospital for almost a month for my kidneys, making my ostomy permanent and a proctectomy (removing rectum and anus).

The slow part of my recovery after all of "this", is the proctectomy. It's taking way too long for my liking simply because of its location. Don't get me wrong, it's healing, just slow. On top of it all, I need to monitor my kidneys still and make sure I take in a lot of water every day. I get bloodwork every week to make sure, but they are still not up to 60. I drink a minimum of 4 liters of water everyday, but if I have watery output through my stoma (who I have nicknamed "Squirt"), I have to drink more to compensate.

It's coming along, slow and steady.

I am taking this "new year, new you" thing seriously this year. 

I definitely am new.