Saturday, February 17, 2018


I can't even begin to tell you how many multi vitamin brands I've tried over the years.  Too many to count on two hands, let alone one.
They would usually either cause me pain or discomfort, or pain AND discomfort.  So generally I wouldn't take them.  I would take Vitamins B, C, D, E, and the rest of the alphabet....separately and not even all at once.  Some I would take one day, others another day and so on and so on... I almost needed a chart to help me keep track of what I was taking and when.
That was until just about a month ago when my wife asked me to try a multi vitamin she got from our Chinese medicine Dr friend that we now both see.  I try lots of things, so why not.  Not only did I not have any pain or discomfort, I found that it strengthened my hair, nails and even raised my energy....a little...
They are derived from fruit and vegetables....that's it. I'm guessing all the "fillers" that are in the main stream multi vitamins were causing all my problems.
Other than the fatigue all the time and the usual Crohn's related "issues", things seem to be turning in the right direction finally.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Colonoscopy Superstar

Next time I get either a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, I'm going to have my wife film the aftermath.
Why..?? Because I don't remember anything that either I said or did, or anything anyone said to me.
I always get sedation for any scopes and my gastro makes sure I don't feel a thing.  So much so, what I do or say could make me a YouTube star!
This morning my wife told me all about what happened and I had no idea. Starting with when I came to, she said she had to help me get dressed and cleaned up and when she went to clean off my leg, I put my hands on the wall, spread my legs and said "book em Danno!". Things like that I need to see!! I also was telling her how they didn't want to give me sedation....don't remember.  Also something about if she could avoid speed bumps....yep, don't remember.
The only thing I DO remember, was going into the room, talking with my Dr, they were discussing what meds to give me for sedation, I said "all of them", she gave me the meds, I said "goodnight, make sure I wake up"....... then I was home in bed.  I don't remember anything in between.
Groggy today, but I would LOVE to see video.  I get scopes once a year, so next year I'm going to make sure she gets it so I can become a Crohn's "superstar!!"  LOL