Monday, September 30, 2013

Girls Don't Poop......Really?!

WHAT!??  Girls poop???  Really?!!
LOL!  Couldn't resist

Saw this and couldn't help BUT post the link.
It's an actual product at or

Have a look at this........

Don't know if I would ever use this, but...there it is.
What will they think of next.......


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crohnie Quote Of The Day

Saw this on Twitter and all Crohnie's can take this to heart, I think....

When things seem dark, take heart: What is embarrassing, painful, or horrifying now will make a great story in the future.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crohn-fucius Say...

Crohn-fucius say... the pain is all in your head..(bwwaaahaaahaaaahaaaa, ya right!!)


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Remicade : Day 414

I forgot to update my Remicade journey last Wednesday.
In my defense, I had a colonoscopy on the Tuesday, then the infusion on the Wednesday, so I've been pretty yesterday was my wedding anniversary, 11 years.
The infusion went well this time, no worries about the IV, like I usually do.  Slipped right in to my hand, no problem.  But, I'm assuming because of the colonoscopy the day before, I was sooooo tired and struggled to stay awake during the infusion.
I'm normally very tired the day or two following the infusion, but this time was two-fold.....but still have to go to work.  Thank god I don't operate heavy machinery.
The other thing I noticed, is that the abscesses seem to be going down....finally!
All in all.....a good infusion this time. (knock on wood)


Friday, September 13, 2013

Crohn-fucius Say...

Crohn-fucius say...Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colonoscopy 101

What is involved for a colonoscopy you ask..?  Simple version..?  They knock you out and shove a camera up your ass......done.
You arrive for your appt. at 720am when your appt. isn't until 830am simply because you don't want to be late.  You check in and register and get your fancy dancy plastic wrist band that you can easily slip off your wrist if you change your mind at the last minute....  you sit in chairs waiting for your name to be called.
Your name is finally called and go behind the large doors and led in to a room and told to strip down and put on the fashionable "blue?" gown and then are led to the fancy chairs with a warm blanket awaiting the nurse.  After a thousand questions, in goes the IV and then some more waiting for your turn....9am you finally get your long awaited turn.  You get led in to the room where 6, yes 6 nurses and techies are waiting, along with the doctor.  So, of course you have to joke, "how long IS this camera that it takes 6 of you to hold it?!!" 
In a matter of minutes, you're on the table, hooking you up to the monitors, oxygen tube on your nose, then your doctor comes up beside you to start injecting the meds.  She makes some small talk about how the Remicade is working and you say "great"....starting to feel relaxed now.....she then makes the comment, you know, I was going through all the paperwork and I've been your Gastro since 1990?!..."yep" you say....she then says have a good sleep and just before you go under, you say....."just make sure I wake up" will she said....................

About an hour later you're awake, wife by your side, paperwork in hand.  Takes a few minutes to awaken, but dressed and out the door, groggy as hell.  You don't even remember the ride home.  Took the day to recover properly and I'll find out the results in Nov.  But the paperwork I do have says she got in about 20cm (8in) before inflammation, which in my case, is fantastic.   In 2011, she couldn't even get past my rectum (from inflammation), so even getting inside was an accomplishment.

The good thing on the paperwork is that it states, "inflammation with clearing"

Remicade seems to be on the right track.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hippie, Hippie Shake

Interesting night last night......

Had a good day, went shopping with the family and then bowling (my 8 year old beat me), had my dad over for a BBQ, then it went downhill from there.
After dinner I went upstairs to the bathroom, as all Crohnies do, came down and I started to get the shakes.  It feels like shivering, like I'm cold, but I'm not.  I made a hot drink and tried to relax with deep breathing as I laid on the couch.  That was about 6pm.....
It progressively got worse and the shakes started to turn to more like convulsions and my teeth started to clench as well as my body.  This happened before and I remembered that I threw up.  Once I threw up, the shakes went away....but I had a fever and my heart was racing.

So....I waited....

Sure enough, about 3 hours of shakes later, I threw up.  Almost immediately my shakes ended, but not completely.  I threw up again about an hour later and the shakes stopped, but now I had a fever of 103F and a pulse of 160, not to mention now my jaw, knees, hips, legs and stomach ached like the dickens.....but the shaking had stopped. 

Finally, after almost 7 hours, I fell asleep around 2am.
I've been to hospital with this before and they couldn't find what was wrong.  I would say it was a mild block, but doesn't explain the shakes.  Research has shown me that it might have been food poisoning and because of my low immune system, this is how my body reacts.  No one else got sick last night, just me......oh goodie.
I was shaking so much I felt like a fish out of water flopping around on the dock.

Now I'm afraid to eat anything but I know I HAVE to.......

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crohn-fucius Say...

Crohn-fucius say...  just because I appear fine....doesn't mean everything's okay