Sunday, September 15, 2013

Remicade : Day 414

I forgot to update my Remicade journey last Wednesday.
In my defense, I had a colonoscopy on the Tuesday, then the infusion on the Wednesday, so I've been pretty yesterday was my wedding anniversary, 11 years.
The infusion went well this time, no worries about the IV, like I usually do.  Slipped right in to my hand, no problem.  But, I'm assuming because of the colonoscopy the day before, I was sooooo tired and struggled to stay awake during the infusion.
I'm normally very tired the day or two following the infusion, but this time was two-fold.....but still have to go to work.  Thank god I don't operate heavy machinery.
The other thing I noticed, is that the abscesses seem to be going down....finally!
All in all.....a good infusion this time. (knock on wood)


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