Monday, January 30, 2012

4000 !!

I see by the ole' clock on the wall, that this blog-o-mine has received over 4000 views!  What can I say but, thanks!! 
I never thought in a million years that anyone would be interested what I had to say.  I appreciate everyone coming to visit "me" from all around the world and enjoy reading the comments and emails I get from all.  I may not get back to everyone, but believe me, I read them all and get some real insight in to how people handle Crohn's in different ways.  I have found that humor is the main way people are dealing with this disease. 
Well, people always tell me that laughter is the best medicine.  Maybe we should just get rid of all the dr's who seem to know what they are doing.  Maybe they should open up to different ideas and techniques and not stick to "western medicine" and how they were trained.
As I close in on my 44th birthday, I still believe there is a cure out there.....somewhere.

Thanks for all who listen, especially my lovely wife, who after almost 10 years has stood by me all the way.  Helping, listening and just being there...thanks (and happy birthday!!)


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Cj said...

Humour - and a lot of love!!!