Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Honey (Sorry But I Can't) Do List

The whole problem with living with a chronic illness, especially Crohn's, is the fact that no matter how much I want to do something, my body says "Oh no you don't".

Normally, every weekend I try and clean the house.  Vacuum, dust, laundry, etc.  becomes a chore just to get it done.  Sometimes I just can't do it, though I want to.

So then there's the "Honey Do List", or as I call it, the "Honey, sorry but I can't Do List".  Since we bought our house almost three years ago, there are things I still haven't finished.  The main thing is finishing the baseboards and door mouldings.  I finished the laundry/craft room, downstairs bathroom, playroom/family room, kitchen, dining room, living room, upstairs bathroom and one bedroom.  Alot, I know, but I still have one bedroom, master bedroom, master bathroom, hallway and around four doors upstairs.

No matter how much I want to complete it, it gets put on the back burner.  Not to mention all the other things on the list.  We still have to replace all the windows and I want to tackle the fireplace with a new brick facade and mantle and add a gas fireplace instead of the ugly wood burning one we have (thats never used).

There are good days and bad, but mainly, as a Crohnie, there is no energy left to do the things you want to do sometimes.  Believe it or not, sometimes I get winded just walking up the stairs in our house.
Do I hate having Crohn's?....sure. 
Do I hate not doing things I want to?....sure.
Do I have to shut up sometimes and deal with it?.....yes.

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