Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bedtime Story

Tonight, I thought I would come up with a made up bedtime story for my boys.  Made up, of course, based on fact.  It sort of went like this..............

Once upon a time in the land of Oz, there lived a lovely family in a quaint little 3 bedroom, split level, totally renovated previously foreclosed home on a quiet tree lined cul de sac.
Inside this lovely 'castle' there lived King Daddy, Queen Mummy and their fantastically cute Prince's, Prince Bee and Prince Cee.
Now, the two Prince's, 6 and 4, loved to play, read and play games.  They were great little boys.  They were good at listening to their Mum and Dad and were always polite, saying yes please and no thank you without having to be asked.
The two Prince's loved getting ready for bed the best.  When Mum and Dad said it was time for bed, the two Prince's went straight to their bed chambers and got into their pajamas, put their dirty clothes in the hamper, brushed their teeth, went to the washroom, jumped into bed, tucked themselves in and waited patiently for their parents to kiss them good night.  The King and Queen kissed them goodnight, sang them a song, turned out the lights and closed the door.
Earlier in the night, at dinner, the King mistakenly (and some would say stupidly) ate a Dilly Bar from the local Dairy Queen, for dessert.  The King, you see, suffers from Crohn's Disease and eating ice cream is, well, generally, frowned upon.  The King scurried quickly to the royal bath chambers because he really, really had to go.  Now, as anyone knows with someone who suffers from Crohn's, sometimes you cannot delay, even for a minute.  So, to the Kings surprise, the Prince's missed the toilet......again....when they went to the washroom earlier.  On the toilet and the floor.  So, whilst the King tried to hold on the best he could, doing the Crohnie Dance, he had to clean it all up before he could go. 
Thank goodness, there was time. 
So the next day, the King and Queen, once again, tried to explain to the wonderful Prince's that they needed to remember to "aim" accordingly, not only because of the King, but because it's not THAT hard to do.
And they lived happily ever after.........(as long as they aimed straight)

This of course is just a story, but it brings to light the fact that as a sufferer of Crohn's, when you have to go, you have to go and every second counts.  Sometimes, any delay can be disaster.

The moral of this "story"?         Have girls.

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