Wednesday, January 9, 2013

R.I.P. Customer Service

What the hell has happened to customer service these days?? 
Or, should I say, where has customer service gone??
One store in particular seems to not give a shit about its customers.  This grocery store here in Surrey, BC, in particular the Clayton area, does not take complaints from its customers seriously.

I shop, or should say, shopped this store at least once a week and always when the store opens at 7am.  I always buy their bread because they sell it in a pack of 3, but for some reason, in the morning, there wasnt any, forcing me to purchase something else, or go somewhere else.  Keeping in mind, this is THEIR brand of bread.  Then this starting happening regularly so I asked why.  The employee seemed surprised there wasnt any and said that the delivery must be late.....really....everytime??
But last week took the cake.
I arrived a little early to the store (6:55am) and waited for the store to open at 7am.  At 6:58am I noticed 2 employees arriving in their cars and headed in to the store via the employee entrance.  Not that big of a deal.....except one of these people opened the 7:05am.  I went and got my milk and headed to the bakery to get my bread and surprise!! no bread.  There wasnt even space for the bread.  The usual space was filled with other bread.  There wasnt even any single packs of their bread. 
I went to ask the woman that opened the store, and again, she acted surprised and gave me the line that the delivery must be late.....really?!!  C'mon people!!  But what got me pissed was, she said, "it happens".  So, as I'm leaving, I said, "it seems to happen regularly at this store, guess I'll go across the street to get my bread"
When I filed a complaint with head office, they said they sent my complaint to the manager of the store and will be contacting me.  A couple of days later I got a message from her and she said to call her back or she will call me back.  I called back twice and all I got, after being forwarded on by customer service, was the phone ringing, and ringing, and ringing.  Wasnt able to leave a message.  And surprise surprise!!  she didnt call back. 
Obviously not caring at all about the customer.  And I'm just one who filed a complaint.  What about those that didnt.
My biggest thing is....if you say you open at open at 7!!!!  AND have stock out and ready at 7!  There is no store loyalty anymore, people go where they can save money, so if a business wants to survive, they need to go back to better customer service to keep the customer.  Or, like me, go somewhere else. 

Congratulations Pricesmart, I'm taking my money elsewhere.  Keep it up and I wont be the last.

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