Saturday, January 26, 2013

Death of an Abscess....?

I've been "dealing with" a nice little abscess in a not so wonderful place on my body, since around Christmas.  And being the procrastinator that I so very much am, I was hoping (and praying), that with meds and changing my diet, it would just "go away".  And no matter how many times I do this method, it never happens.
So, I sucked it up and decided to go in to hospital.
Pulling up the Emerg, I can see inside and...ohhh's busy.  Every chair was occupied, so I knew there would be a wait.  I checked in at the registry desk and then stood and waited for the triage nurse to call my name for assessment.  I've learned over the many years that after you check in and before triage, don't sit down, especially if it's busy.  Why??  Because when the triage nurse calls you for assessment, you'll lose your seat.  So I stand and wait.  My name is finally called and I go through all the questions, blood pressure, temperature, etc.  She was impressed that I actually took my jacket off BEFORE sitting down in front of her.  She said I was the first today she didn't have to ask.  I also had my spreadsheet with me for the questions about when I was in last and for what.  She liked that as well.
All done, I now can sit and wait my turn.....just over 5 hours later, they finally called me in and took my to the minor surgery room.  I got in to my fancy blue hospital "gown" and then laid on the table and waited for the doctor.  He finally came in after about half and hour, but I never get all worked up waiting, as others do, cuz I know they're busy.  I thanked him for finally getting me out of chairs and not for the wait, but so I didn't have to listen to everyone bitching about how long of a wait there was.  People just don't get it and how it works.  Someone would be called in and the people still waiting would comment, "but I was here first".  C'mon people!  It's not a restaurant.  I mean, what do you think the triage nurse is for!?
So, he put the topical cream on to start the freezing process (yeeeeah, never works) and left to let it "take effect"...bbbwwwwaaahaaahaahaa.....
The nurse came in and gave me two shots of Morphine and an anesthetic and she left to let it "take effect"...bwwaaaahaaaa... (injected morphine doesn't work as well as IV morphine)
The doctor came back to start lancing, but first had to inject the abscess with freezing.....yes, I said INJECT the ABSCESS.  But of course, the topical freezing he applied earlier would make it so I wouldn't feel the needle going in......BWAAAAHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Let's just say....I felt it....and felt it....and felt it.....he told me he was going to fill up the abscess until I couldn't feel it.  I said just give me the whole thing!  LOL
Luckily he said there was a small hole there already so he just made the hole bigger....I won't go in to details....but even with the freezing I could feel it drain....ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  The thing about abscesses is, it's the pressure from the abscess that hurts, not the abscess itself.  The fun part was when he was pushing on it to squeeze all the crap out.  He kept apologizing and I said, I'd rather go through all this once and not have to do what you have to do, squeeze and push away!!!
He put some gauze on it, antibiotic prescription, cleaned up, dressed and on my way home....8 hours later, but oh my god!!!!  what a difference. Thank god for doctors and nurses
RIP.... one abscess, amongst many.

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