Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crohn's and the Public Restroom, Or Lack There Of

I was recently sent this article from the author, Simon Owens, and thought it was a very good read and very interesting as it has happened to me and more than likely happened to you as well.

Thanks Simon


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kelly said...

This happened to me last weekend. Was visiting a local antique store and found the restroom on my own....on it was a sign that said out of order. The sign had been there a long time. Not believing it, I asked the owner, to which he replied, sorry...out of order. Now I know he was lieing. Told him it was an emergency and could I please use, out of order! Now he is open 10 hour days and the only person there, you mean to tell me that he never goes to the bathroom??!!! I had an "accident" and will never shop that antique store again. I run a retail it really that big of a deal to let customers use your restroom? We have an unfortunate explosion in ours that is horrible to clean MAYBE once every five years. Wake up people.....public restrooms is all part of customer service.