Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Remicade : Day 1709

Coming closer to 5 year anniversary with Remicade.  Now it's just "routine" for me every six weeks.  Go in the the infusion clinic, weigh in, temperature taken, blood pressure taken, wrap my hand in a warming blanket set to high, to make the veins in my hand "pop", get hooked up to the juice and an hour later, I'm done.


Since January my blood pressure has been high.  Not normal for me.  I've never had a blood pressure problem.....ever.  But it fluctuates throughout the infusion.  Today was 152/103 to start, then down to 148/99, then up to 153/100 and at the end 163/109!!  What the hell!  The nurse sent notes with my past 6 months vitals to the Gastro to see if she has an opinion.
Not looking forward to the answer.  I have enough problems, thanks.

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