Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crohn's Survey

Hey there fellow Crohnies.  A fellow Crohnie in the UK is  creating a program for women living with chronic bowel disorders and would like you (women) to fill out a survey to help.

"I am a life coach and am creating a 6 month program designed for women living with chronic bowel disorders who have lost their mojo along the way! (Loss of femininity, sexuality, body confidence, ability/desire to be physically intimate for example)
I have had Crohn's for 25 years, pretty bad for the most part. I have battled with depression, low self esteem, poor body image, low sex drive, problems with intimacy in relationships etc etc for many years due to the effects of the disease.  A lot of it boiled down to a lack of information and support.   Luckily, past 2 years on Humira, finally well. "

Here's her link...

Thanks Sasha...good luck!



Sasha said...

Thanks Vern for posting the link.

I love your concept that Crohn's is just hitching a ride with you. For me, I have been so poorly with Crohn's, it has really given me a carpe diem attitude for any day that I am pain-free.

Loving the use of vibrant colour in your work.


Vern said...

Thanks Sasha.

Like Humira for you, Remicade has done wonders for me! I have the same attitude some times, sieze the day, or hour.

Art is my way out of the pain