Monday, November 4, 2013

Colonoscopy Results...Something To Think About

Had my Gastro appointment today and we discussed the results from my colonoscopy back in September.
The usual chit chat about how I am, have I been taking my B12 shots, etc.  I didn't know that if my toes and fingers get a tingling sensation, and I'm low in B12, it's possible to have that feeling permanently.  Then the results...apparently they had to double dose me on the meds to put me in a deeper sleep.  When she tried to go in with the amount of inflammation I have, I was uncomfortable and she gave me more.  That explains why I have absolutely no recollection of coming home from the hospital that day.  I was put out and I awoke at home. 
So, she got past the inflammation and hit more inflammation at about 10cm, got past that and it was clear until about the 20cm mark where she had a bit of trouble but got past that, then all clear.
It's the two points of inflammation she's concerned about and maybe she thinks it would be best to remove it all and have "the bag".
"The bag", the two words many of us crohnies dread to hear.  She believes that it would be the best thing, even though it's not "needed" right now.  I will need to go for the sigmoid-oscopies every year to double check the inflammation, but "the bag" is on the table.
At my age, it might be time to seriously think about it....

........something to think about.



Kristi said...

Sorry to hear that, it's a bummer when you get that put on the table. But I'm glad it's only a few bad spots!

Vern said...

thanks Kristi!