Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Remicade : Day 323

Closing in on my 1 year anniversary.
Had to have my infusion at a different site today as my usual site didn't have a doctor on site.  Though I had my regular nurse today.  But, not my usual infusion.  She wasn't able to get a vein.  Now, for those of us that have had numerous upon numerous IV's, hearing and seeing that the nurse isn't able to get a vein, is....well.....uncomfortable to say the least.  She tried twice in one hand.  It's not so much the needle going in, it's the 'digging around' (as I call it) that gets painful.  I ended up suggesting I put my other hand under the hot water tap to bring out the veins.  The heating blanket wasn't working, but the hot water certainly did and she had no problem getting it in on my other hand.
Two hours later and I'm outta there and resting at home.  Even as I write this, I can't stop yawning and trying to keep my eyes open.  Early night, gotta get up for work in the morning....

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