Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crohn's History Spreadsheet

I've mentioned over the years that I have a spreadsheet I take with me to hospital when I go and recently I've had a few people ask me what I have on I'm going to tell you.

Basically, I've taken what the doctors and nurses ask me while in Emergency (several times) and some of the questions, I just can't remember the answers.  Either from just not remembering or I'm in too much pain and/or discomfort to answer.

So, at the top I have the title of "Crohn's History" and below that I have the date of my diagnosis.
Then, below that (from left to right) I have each and every visit to hospital, starting with the date, why I was in, if I was admitted, and the hospital.

Here's an example......(it's much neater than this, just didnt convert nicely to the blog)

Crohn's History
June 1, 1988   Diagnosis Hospital
June 2-9, 1989   Right Hemicolectomy (bowel resection)     admission Surrey
June 22-30, 1989   Intra-Abdominal abscess  (laparotomy, incision, drainage)   admission Surrey
August 29, 1990      Perianal abscess   (incision, drainage) emerg. Surrey
Sept 26-29, 1991   Fever & anemia admission Surrey
Sept 19-22,1992   Abdominal abscess  (laparotomy, incision, drainage) admission Surrey
Nov 12-22, 1992   Resection of neo-terminal Ileum, transverse & descending colon admission Surrey
Oct 11-12, 1993   Renal colic emerg. Surrey
December 6, 1993   Perianal abscess   (incision, drainage, insertion of seton) admission Surrey
Jan 16-19,1994   Renal colic  (cystoscopy, pyelogram & manipulation) admission Surrey
April 13, 1995   Renal colic emerg. Surrey

Then below that, I have two small charts listing my doctors and meds.

Dr. #1   General phone number
Dr. #2   Gastroenterologist phone number
Dr. #3   Surgeon phone number
Immuran   150mg / day since Nov. 2011
Remicade   400mg infusion since July 2012
Zopiclone   7.5 mg  half a pill as needed at bedtime
Tylenol #3   as needed
Now, obviously, you have to remember to update it as your meds change or if you go to hospital.  I always update, print and put it by my front door and a copy in my hospital bag.  It came in handy once when I was home alone and had to call an ambulance (bowel obstruction) as they always want to know what meds your on and as I was in so much pain (not to mention throwing up every couple of minutes), I had the spreadsheet ready by the front door.
The above chart is just an example.  I've entered some of my information, but my sheet is too long to show here, but those first few years are my actual incidents and those are my meds currently.

I have found over the years that this sheet comes in handy.  You might never use it and even I don't use it all the time, but its there if you do

You can never have too much information...

PS....I got the more detailed information directly from my medical records I get after every prolonged stay in hospital

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