Friday, December 11, 2009


Let's see.......what to say, where to start. I guess the most important thing is, know matter what anyone tells you, including doctor's, specialists, books, articles, web sites, etc., only YOU know what you can tolerate as far as food and alcohol is concerned. Everyone is different when it comes to Chron's disease. It's a trial and error thing. You'll find out on your own what you can tolerate. And after all that, things you could tolerate one day, you can't on another day. Basically, you have to learn from what your body tells you.
I just got out of hospital, again, after 8 days. I had a deep perianal abcess that they treated in hospital with antibiotics first, and after a few days, I went into surgery to cut it open. They don't sew it up either. So, I have a Timbit size hole on my a$$ that's continually draining, which is good, but bad too as I cannot sit down still. Perianal abcesses are another side effect of Chron's as are fistulas and kidney stones, both I have and get. I have about 12 inches of large bowel left and have had about 5 feet of small removed over numerous surgeries over the years. My last resection was in 2004 in which I was in hospital for 3 weeks due to infections, another pleasent side effect.
Having said all that, remember......Chron's affect everyone differently

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