Friday, February 7, 2020

Keeping a Journal

If I could go back to 1988 and visit my young self, I would stress to me to keep a journal of my symptoms and keep writing in it no matter what. No matter how long... I wish I still did. 
I did in the beginning, but stopped about a year or so later when I had emergency surgery and bowel resections. I didnt think I "needed" it anymore, but I wish I had kept it going.

The one thing I tell the newly diagnosed is to definitely keep a journal.

Typically, I would start in the morning and list what I ate, what time, was there any pain and if so, how intense and for how long. Also when I had bowel movements, consistency (watery, semi formed, etc), was there pain, blood, color, etc.  It's a great way to track results of what you ate as far as bowel movements.  Also to track food reactions and the combination of foods. 
I personally havent had a regular bowel movement in 32 years! 😳

There are some great journals out there and I like this one, designed by a Crohn's sufferers' family member:

Whether you use a journal like this one, or design your own, keeping a journal is highly recommended.  Not only for you, but for your doctors.
The more information you have can only help with your Crohn's or Colitis journey.

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