Tuesday, December 13, 2016

You Should Have Your Head Examined.....

I had my dermatologist appointment today to look at some weird stuff going on with the top of my head.  I guess I can add another doctor to my list, dermatologist, family dr, gastro, surgeon (x2), urologist and dietician.
So, I have a form of plaque psoriasis on top of my head that has formed a hard shell.  It started out a few months ago as just red and itchy, but has now turned into a dark, crusty shell about 4-5 cm circle.  The Dr was concerned about being cancerous so took a biopsy right in the office.  It was kinda humorous because the dr gave me a piece of paper and told me to go back to the reception desk. I gave it to the lady and she turned and called out to another lady "we've got a procedure" and told me to take a seat while they prepped the room.  I went to sit and was wondering what prep the room meant.  What the hell are they going to do to me?!  It's just a biopsy, are they removing my head or something?!!  LOL
She called me in to a rather large room that had a chair in the center with a big light above lighting up the chair like a spotlight.  I realize it's so the dr can see what he's doing but it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie reminiscent of alien abductions and some weird experiments going to be performed. It was rather uncomfortable as far as big chairs go, but I just wanted to get this over and done with. He injected some local freezing and waited....thank god...then started to cut a piece of my scalp. I'm always amused by doctors when they start a procedure and say "ooooh" or "ummmm" or "hmmmm". He then asked me if I'm on blood thinners...maybe should have asked BEFORE cutting into me, but....I'm not. Apparently there was quite a bit of blood for such a small cut. He had a lot of cleaning up before sewing me back up.  Now I have to wait until February for results....not happy about that.....hoping it's not cancerous and its something that can be fixed.  I've been wearing more hats lately.  Now the freezing is wearing off....ouch. I need to go to my regular dr to have the stiches removed in a couple of weeks, yay.

Well, my mum always said I needed my head examined, so I'm sure she was looking down on me having a good chuckle.

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The last line is fantastic!