Thursday, July 14, 2016

Remicade : Day 1404 Happy Crohn-aversary!!

Had a quick infusion yesterday, but wow did I feel it afterwards.  I wanted to curl up in a ball and just sleep....but I had to drive home still, so THAT would be awkward.

Then I realized as I was slowly nodding off, that it has been 4 years now of Remicade infusions.  I can't remember the exact amount now, but in the 30's I think.  AND it's just over 28 years since my "official" diagnosis.  I had been having symptoms months before, but a doctor finally gave what was happening to me a name.  And when he told me that name, I was like "huh??" because I had never heard of Crohns before that date.

So, Happy Crohn-aversary to me!!  Now let's eat cake !


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Cj said...

And I honour your strength of Being to have never given up.
Here's to YOU !