Monday, July 4, 2016

Crohn's and Fitness

I've always been afraid to workout since my surgeries.  Maybe it's because the surgeons cut through the abdominal muscle and not along it, so I'm picturing doing a crunch and my insides rip open spilling my intestines out all over the floor....or...maybe it's the lack of energy I have ALL the time, along with the dehydration, and as I'm working out, pass out and fall over a machine, spilling my intestines out all over the floor.....or....maybe...

I could keep going on and on with excuses why I haven't, or don't workout, but this is a new day.  On Wednesday I turn yet another page on my journey with Crohn's Disease.  I decided after my 48th birthday that I would put in motion a 2 year plan to get fit.  I don't need to lose weight, I want to get my strength back.  Maybe not to the point of my figure skating days,
I found a trainer that works with people like me. You know, those of us that have limitations, and I'm going for it.  I have an assessment on Wednesday so she can see range of motion, etc. and she will design a program for me that's basically strength and conditioning.  I described it to her as, "picture me as an athlete that's trying to recover from an injury" and take it from there.  Slow at first, which is why I gave myself a two year plan.  If everything goes well, we'll move on to the weights and pumping iron, but one thing at a time.

Slow and steady wins the race

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Cj said...

You go for it!