Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BathroomMap App

I received an email from the founder of BathroomMap.

I thought you may be interested in sharing with your readers a new bathroom locator application that is now available on the Apple App Store (Android version is due out in Feb.). It's a free app and there's no advertising, and I believe it is the best bathroom locator app available and I designed it with the needs of those with IBD in mind. I'm looking to get the word out to the IBD community. The name of the app is BathroomMap and you can find it by visiting the link below on an iPhone.


His mum has Crohn's and he has IBS.  I'm downloading it as soon as I publish this post.
I know that we all can use this, cuz "you never know when you got to go"

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BathroomMap Support said...

Thanks Vern! We welcome any feedback on the app from you or your readers. --Happy New Year! Best, Adam