Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving !!

That time of year again, and the season of
"all the food I'm not suppose to eat, but I'm probably going to"
It's Canadian Thanksgiving today and we're having all the family over to enjoy the company and the food.  Turkey, potato's, stuffing, carrots, brussel sprouts, cranberries, gravy, etc.  So, having said that, realistically, I SHOULD eat, the potato's, stuffing and gravy.  Why?  Cranberries go right through me, carrots (unless they are cooked right down to almost mush) cause blockages sometimes for me, brussel sprouts and turkey are gaseous causing food.
So, of course, I will eat it all and pay for it later =)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends.  Even with this disease, I have a lot to be thankful for.



Cj said...

So have we all; I am ThankFul that You are in our world!

Michele Lea Morin said...

Having had Crohn's for 45 years, I have heard everything, been through everything, taken every drug and have had 10 surgeries. Though difficult most days, my humor, grace and courage are intact. Some days not so much, but that's okay if I don't stay stuck there. I dislike unsolicited dumbass advice since I have had Crohn's longer than most medical professionals who treat me haven't even been on the planet that long. Just listen, show compassion, and care.

Vern said...

amen Michele