Thursday, July 3, 2014

Remicade: Day 709

Closing in fast on my 2 year "anniversary" for my infusions and after this last one, I once again am humbled by others that suffer with this disease.  There are so many of "us" now.
Talking with others at the infusion site, we all learn we suffer from the same thing, but each of us have "side effects" that differ, whether that be with meds, food, emotions, etc.
And after the discussions, I sit there staring at my IV tube flowing with my "go-go mouse juice", watching it go through the needle that luckily only took one poke to get in and wonder...... with all these different symptoms, how can researchers possibly ever find "the cure".  I mean, one that helps us all.
I can only say, I hope its soon



jenna said...


Also on remicade and you are right- it's the closest thing to a cure for lots of us but it effects us all so differently. I've been suffering with neck muscle pain which I'm sure is down to the drug!

Vern said...

...and I have had joint pain in my elbow and shoulder, but only the right side