Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Remicade : Day 623

Another day, another infusion.

Today I learned a few things while sitting there trying to get comfortable in the pleather Lazy Boy chair. After two hours.... Lazy Boy ain't that comfortable for one.  Second, I'm not the only one that feels tired or exhausted after the infusion, the other people there today also are tired for at least 24 hours afterwards.  Third, people are really liking my "infusion shirt" and maybe I should start selling them and put some of the money to CCFC.  I have a new one that says:  F Crohn's.....it's the shits.  And four, I didn't realize just how many people read this Blog.  A lady today told me she reads it and it kind of made me feel.....I don't know....weird sort of.  I'm glad people read it, I enjoy writing it, but I've never "met" someone that actually does, you know....it was an interesting feeling.

All in all, an interesting "Day at the Spa"


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