Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Pain In The Gas

Though certain foods can cause gas when it comes to Crohn's, the hard part is figuring out which one you just ate.
Like the other day.  The pain from gas was so intense, I had to come home from work.  It's strange though, since being on Remicade, I have been improving.  To the point where the bowel movements have been less, semi formed BUT the downside is the pain from these.  As I have had numerous resections, I'm assuming that the semi formation is causing pressure on my lower intestines, thus the pain.
But the gas is something I have never experienced to this degree.  Sharp pain lasting for a few seconds (10 - 15), but intense.  Backtracking to figure out what I ate is difficult as I am quite good at NOT eating or drinking anything to cause me pain....duh.....but having said that, I think, think mind you, I had some Coke to drink that day.

 Doesn't explain the other days though.......


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