Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dinner And A Movie...???

Simple question this time of year isn't it?

This Friday is Valentine's Day and it's so easy to plan a great day or night with the love of your life.....if you didn't have Crohn's.

For me, it's dinner OR a movie, or movie first THEN dinner.  I would love to, one time, be able to do 2 things:

1. PLAN to go out to dinner and go to a movie
2. SPUR of the moment dinner and a movie

The problem with number 1, is that with Crohn's, I can never PLAN to do, well....anything.  Sorry, wait....that's wrong.  I CAN plan to do things, but it's with the understanding that at any moment, the 'plan' can be cancelled.
The problem with number 2, I have to plan a spur of the moment, which of course doesn't make it spur of the moment anymore.  If I want to just say, "Hey, let's go out to a movie", first I have to think, what have I eaten today, will I be going to the bathroom soon (depending on what I ate), will I be thinking the whole time while out, when will I be going to the bathroom (depending on what I ate that day).
Going back to number 1, for me, knowing we were going to dinner and a movie, I would only eat bread or toast with peanut butter and drink water or tea/coffee for the day leading up to leaving.  At dinner, I would only order things I know would affect me less.  Avoiding creams, all green leafy veggies, alcohol, fried food, heavy food, gaseous food, to name just a few, knowing that after eating, I still need to sit through a two or three hour movie.  Not so easy....or fun.

Luckily I have a great, wonderful and loving wife that has understood me and my condition since day one.  I know she would love to do more with me and the kids and I hate the fact I have to think about all this just to do something simple.  I'll make it up to her one day.

So, when you say to your loved ones, let's just go do something today, like dinner and a movie, in the spur of the moment, think for a moment just how easy it is........for you, the non-IBD'r.
Because for me, the IBD'r, it goes from a simple statement, to a major, stressful, planned event.

Yes, it IS stressful and upsetting. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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