Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Filtered Water

You know, Brita should hire me as a "brita barometer".

Simply by drinking water, I can tell when it's time to change the filter.  After 20 years of drinking only filtered water, my Crohn's will start acting up when the Brita filter has stopped working and I'm basically drinking straight tap water.  Generally, the filter says it should be changed every 2 months.  Well, not in this house.  We use the water so much, that it needs to be changed at least once a month.  No need to mark it on the calendar or adjust the dial showing which month it needs to be changed.....just ask me and my Crohn's. 

It always knows.



Anonymous said...

This is very odd. What is it in the tap water that causes a Crohn's flair?

Vern said...

honestly...I have no idea. All I know is, whenever I drink tap water, I start to get the "crohns pains" and a lot of gas and bloating. I know, weird huh. Could be from the many surgeries, who knows.

Collene Auston said...

Perhaps your tap water has more contaminants, so your filter isn't as efficient for the duration of its 2-month lifespan. Have you tried another brand of filter, or maybe a different source for drinking water? -Collene @ Quality Water Plus

Vern said...

I'm going to try another brand of filter I think, yes