Friday, October 18, 2013

Crohnie's VS Non-Crohnie's

Please, please, pleeeease.....if you DON'T have Crohn's Disease or IBD, then don't say...

"I know what you're going through"

Because I am here to tell you, you have no friggin' idea !!
Just because you have an upset stomach or you have some diarrhea ??  really!?'s NOT the same, sorry.
Throw some pain in there, like the kind of pain that makes you curl up in to the fetal position, AND having diarrhea, 10-15 an hour.....AND never knowing when you will end up in hospital at any moment...
....then, maybe, you're about a tenth closer to  "knowing what I'm going through"

So, no offense, but think before you speak!



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