Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crohn's Disease Blogs

Thanks to, my blog (among some other good ones) was selected one of the Best Crohn's Disease Blogs of 2013 !!

' Crohn’s Leaving the Seat Down is an entertaining, sardonic look at life with Crohn’s that’s sure to get you through the toughest day. Author Vern was diagnosed in 1988 and dived into getting better with the same focus and drive that had made him a competitive figure skater.
Vern offers advice on diet, helpful organizations and reading, and why creating art can be a vital element of healing. His regular postings include the wise and witty “Crohn-fucious say…” and the rollicking “You Might Be a Crohnie.” '
I'm glad that, what started out as a place for me to "vent" about my illness, has not only helped me, but others as well.

Thanks again !!!!

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