Friday, August 9, 2013

Chocolate Un'beat'able Beet Cake

I went to a local farm market here last year and tried a piece of chocolate cake, curious because it was made with beets....yes, beets.  Pleasantly surprised, I couldn't tell that it contained beets, or the fact it was wheat-free and had no butter or oil.

My dad, who lives in the area of the market, now gets this for me every few weeks as a 'treat' for me, because I also found that I had no problems, as far as my Crohn's is concerned, eating it.  No pain, no getting that hurried feeling of having to go to the bathroom...nothing.  It's baked by a nice woman who just bakes small amounts, but I wanted to mention her as a 'thank you' for the wonderful cake as there is not too much someone with Crohn's can eat when it comes to sweets. 

She's at this market every week and the chocolate beet cake contains dark chocolate, sorghum, brown rice and tapioca flours, free range eggs, fresh beets, etc. and is topped with a chocolate ganache which is just chocolate and coconut milk. 

It's only about the size of half a loaf tin but I make it last by cutting about half and inch piece at a time.  It can't be bought in stores, so I make it last and is soooooooo worth it!!

The market is on til October and wondering what I'm going to do when the market season ends!!??

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Cj said...

So, where's this market?
Who is the lady? her stall name?

or are you hogging her sales..??!!