Monday, April 22, 2013

Urinating Out My Ass

We Crohnies are a talented bunch.  We can eat and eat and eat, and not gain weight, we can lay in the fetal position all day long, we know where every bathroom is in the world, we can inflate our abdomens like a balloon simply by doing nothing and we can urinate out our asses! (or so it feels like anyway)

The latter I experienced this weekend during my 6 year olds birthday party.  About half way through, I started having to go to the bathroom and by the time the party was done, I had been 3 times and went 3 times more before bed.  Six times in the night and twice more in the morning before starting to slow down to a Crohnie 'normal', or at least 'normal' for me.  It's now lunch time and I'm starting to NOT having to go to the bathroom.  And yes, before figuring out what had happened, I was literally 'urinating out my ass'.  It was just like water.
Unfortunately, doing this causes dehydration, which I am experiencing today.  Weakness, dry mouth, exhaustion and thirsty.  I have been sucking on Jolly Ranchers to help.
The culprit...??  I thought at first it was the icing from his birthday cake ( my wife made a great snake cake with green icing and Oreo cookie crumbs as 'dirt'), as I hadn't eaten anything else prior, but I've had icing before and not had a problem.  The key here is the fact it was 'green' icing. coloring (or the combination of icing and food coloring)  I had forgotten about that.  It's happened to me in the past, but as I'm doing better on the Remicade, I didn't think anything of it to eat the cake.
Well, after almost 24 hours, 14 bathroom visits, a couple of Tylenol 3's and enough water to fill a small lake, I'm starting to feel better.

The moral of the story?  Don't eat icing with food coloring unless you want to urinate out your ass!!


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