Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crohn's Myths....

This is my personal favorite.............

if you eat this (insert whichever "fad" food(s) at the time) your Crohn's Disease will be cured.

This is a HUGE myth and totally untrue.  Your Crohn's might, might mind you, go in to remission, but it will never be "cured".

Until they find the cause, there isn't a cure.

As everyone who has Crohn's, has it in some sort of different form, not everyone will react the same way, speaking of food.  AND depending on how your Crohn's is on any particular day, or hour for that matter, will determine how you react.

So please, do not fall into any trap.  Only you know how your body is and only you know how your body reacts......

......listen to it.

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