Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bathroom Emergency.....Sort Of

So, I have been on Remicade for a couple of months now and a little longer with the Imuran and honestly, I don't "feel" allot different than I did before.  Other than the fact I'm not popping a ton of pills anymore (only 3 a day now).
But, if I had to pick one thing that I have noticed, it's not the amount of times I go to the bathroom, it's the urgency of having to go to the bathroom.  Which is nice.  I still can't eat ice cream....found that out, but I can handle frozen yogurt and thank god for Menchies!!
There's no more pain, the abscess / fistula is basically gone.  I'm drinking coffee and donuts (but only cake donuts and not yeast donuts).  And I'm still gaining weight....slowly.  I have more energy than I did before, which to a normal person, would still be less than them.
I have also noticed quite a bit of pain though in my hips, elbows, shoulders and wrists.  I have numbness in my fingers and right arm and I can't make a "tight" fist.  I'm thinking that it might be the Imuran, but I still have to check with my GI.  Maybe it's the dosage (150mg). 
All I know is that the numbness in my hand and fingers all the time is very very very irritating and a little unnerving.  Especially at night.  I wake up after only a couple of hours and my shoulder that I am lying on is painful and my hand and fingers are numb.  All I have to do is shake it out and it goes away....for a little while. 
Arthritis, probably.....oh goodie.  Just add it to my list of ailments
What's next...?

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