Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tennis Anyone....?

This one falls under the "what else can possibly go wrong?" category.

For months now, I have been "tolerating" neck and shoulder pain / ache and chalked it up to over doing something and have a muscle ache.  The pain eventually started showing up down my left arm and when I tried to grip things with my hand, like pumping gas, etc.  Pop a few Tylenols and Tylenol 3's occasionally and it goes away.....sort of.  (oh and by the way, Ty 3's are great for calming the intestines)
I finally relented and went to the dr to see if she can tell me what's wrong.  Turns out I have a rotator cuff "strain" which explains the shoulder, over compensating for the shoulder, which explains the ache in my neck...... AND tennis elbow, which explains the pain down my arm.  WTF!?
She figured that when I was off in October (two weeks), when I went back to work, I must have strained it somehow.  Funny, but when I started having pain in my arm I thought I was having a heart attack.  Well, my wife didn't think it was funny.

Then yesterday was my brothers bday and went to his house for pizza and cake to celebrate and so our kids can play while we chat.  Now, knowing better, I shouldn't have eaten the cake as it was an ice cream cake, but I thought, well, I'm going home afterwards, no problem.  Well was I wrong.  I spent the next 10 hours back and forth to the bathroom!  But the cake tasted good!!

The next step?  I need to find food I can eat that will make me gain weight.  It's not so easy when you are restricted on what you can eat!

135 lbs just doesn't feel right

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