Thursday, December 16, 2021

From the Editor

 Hi all!

I wanted to give everyone an update because I haven't been posting as much as I normally do.
I have been going through some changes in 2021, some good, some bad.
My time has been busy with work but also school.  Yes, I went back to school (last February).  I have been studying to be a medical transcriptionist.  I am into my 4-week practicum right now so almost done.  Since 1988 I have read all my medical notes, surgeries, clinical notes, nurses' notes, etc, and felt that I can do that too.  It's been fun these past 10 months learning about different medical conditions, both physical and mental, but also very busy and challenging.  
I needed time off work last September/October for health reasons but when I was ready to return, they fired me.  They said my position as the office manager was made redundant comment.  One thing I can say is the absence of stress from that job has been amazing!! I was with them for 18 years and my "boss" was very cold when they called me in to say sorry, but you're done here.  Good riddance.
I have also started writing articles for a health website but I will update that later as nothing has been published yet.
So, things are turning around. I'm still dealing with my ostomy (leaks, skin, etc) but it is what it is and I will need to learn to live with my new normal of Crohn's.  The biggest change is the absence of pain. It's a weird feeling and I realize it's strange to say so, but I have had pain for 32 years straight and just 1 year of no pain.  It's great, just different, especially not having to keep T3's "in stock" at home.  I haven't taken any painkillers since December of 2020.  The perianal abscesses and fistulas are gone for now and I can actually sit on hard surfaces again (but I still prefer a cushion 😁). My kidneys are correcting themselves finally and my B12, D, and iron are the best they have ever been in my entire life.  I can't thank my surgeon enough for giving my life new meaning and I told her so a few weeks ago.  She told me it made her day to hear it.
So, all in all, things are turning around finally and I hope to post more now that school is coming to an end soon.
Thanks for the messages and for everyone reading my blog!



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Dad said...

YEAH! What a great year this has been for you!
A door closes and a window opens - I hope the view will continue bright and panoramic!