Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thank you !!

I know I haven't been posting alot this month, but my health has not been good for the past few weeks. I have been dehydrated and now have a cold. But with a simple cold AND dehydrated AND have Crohn's, it knocks you down.
I wanted to say THANKS!! to everyone that has visited my blog. I noticed that it has reached over 250,000 views.
I am always thankful to everyone that comes by, also humbled by all the fantastic comments and emails I receive.  There are many of us out there that need help, support and reassurance.
I will be posting more about my "Crohns Disease Ate My Colon" series soon.

Thanks again to everyone !!



Debra B said...

I so appreciate your positive attitude, I don't know how you do it! I've been in a 3 month flare now and I just want to die, and I've only had Crohn's for a year now, so I can't imagine how you've dealt with so much pain for so many years. You're an inspiration.

Vern Laine said...

Thanks Debra. You too are strong! I've had lots of those "I just want to die" days, believe me!! I just got the attitude that I'm not going to let it win and you will to.
Keep strong, keep fighting and thanks for coming by and reading my blog, I too appreciate it!


Aunt Vivie said...

Hello... I'm so very sorry to hear that you are struggling even more then normal! Thank YOU so very much for making time to create your wonderful blog! I truly enjoy your good humor! 🥰♥️😇💐🌈

Vern Laine said...

There's always ups and downs, but we get through it.
Thank you for visiting my blog!! With this disease, you HAVE to laugh!!