Wednesday, November 28, 2018

"But, You Don't Look Sick"

Having a chronic illness is hard.

Not only because of the health issues that are associated with your illness, but trying to "prove" to others that you are actually sick. Crohn's disease is an invisible illness, meaning you cannot visibly see that there is anything wrong. I relate it to a duck on a pond. On the surface you see a duck, calm as can be, but beneath the water his webbed feet are moving around at a frantic pace.
In my case, I look "normal" on the outside, but some days I am in pain, or fatigued, or dehydrated, etc. all the while putting on a brave face so others don't constantly ask, "are you okay?".
I think those that suffer from IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) are the BEST actors in the world, we spend all day long pretending we look WELL.
When we're home, out of the site of friends, co workers and even family, that's when we LOOK our disease, the acting is over.

So, this is me feeling pretty good...

And this is me in the middle of having a flare...

There can be any number of things going on when you have an invisible illness, you never know just by looking at someone. The old saying, don't judge a book by it's cover, absolutely applies to IBD people or anyone suffering with an invisible illness. Only they know how they're doing, so think twice before saying...

" don't LOOK sick"

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