Friday, October 27, 2017

Remicade : Day 1919

Infusion #47, almost 5 and a half years now and still going strong.
Remicade has reduced my symptoms drastically, but hasn't eliminated them totally and I'm OK with that. 
The days sometimes are tough and tiring, but at least I haven't ended up in hospital for them and I can deal with my Crohnie problems from the comfort of my own home instead of the hospital environment.
Don't get me wrong, it's good to know that the hospital is there if I need it, I'm just glad I don't need it.  I still need to make a decision regarding an ostomy or not.  It's a hard decision but I think I'm leaning to the "not right now" side of things.  It's taken me almost 30 years to get use to doing things a certain way and dealing with my Crohn's, I don't know if I want to learn it all over again. 
Right now, I don't "need" the surgery, but when I do, or if I do, I'll deal with it then.

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Cj said...

YEAH! for you!
Great stamina!