Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Crohn's Vaccine...?

I was made aware of an article from the Edinburgh News from February of this year,

God knows we need a cure and it looks as though things are going in the right direction, hopefully.  I'm not totally convinced about cow's milk being a "cause" as I was brought up on goat's milk as a baby, but I'm definitely intrigued at the possibility of a vaccine......for my kids sake not mine.

Also check out

Fingers crossed.....


Dad said...

The reason you had goats' milk was that you could not keep down any bovine dairy.

At the time the idea of colitis or crohns' disease was not part of our understanding: we were given no hints from our doctor.

Yes, bovine dairy (milk) caused you no end of problems which is why we were advised on goats' milk.

Jenni Schaeffer said...

This is an interesting find in the research to what causes Crohn's. My question is how come some people get it and others don't. Especially if they live in the same house and drink the same milk. Just a thought. I really hope they are onto something though with this. Thanks for posting about it! :) ~Jenni's Guts

Vern Laine said...

Yes Jenni, that has always been my question...."what is the trigger?"