Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Remicade Day : 1332

I've been sick with a "simple cold" for the past few weeks coughing, headache, stuffed up, etc. so I thought going in to the clinic that my weight would be down....hmmmm, wrong!
I stepped on the scale only to find that I had actually gained 4kg's !!  (that's 8 lbs)  I was shocked.
This Remicade is working great for my Crohn's so far.....except for that nagging, annoying, irritating peri anal abscess thingy.  Once you get past that, then all good. 
I still miss my old body, the one that use to figure skate 5 days a week and soccer twice a week.  I'm resigned in the fact I will probably never get that again, but who knows, I should start working out.  I would have to start off slow and easy, like I had a sports injury or something, but we'll see.

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Dad said...

Hey. I have a couple of 7lb dumbells you are welcome to!

Keep looking forward! ! !