Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crohn's and the Common Cold

It was so easy when I was "normal" whenever I got a cold and cough, I could just take some cough syrup, or decongestant.  That was so long ago.  I use to take some Nyquil at night, fall asleep and wake up the next morning and feel better.  Not completely well, but better.
Since Crohn's, I haven't been able to do anything like that.  Nyquil is now completely out of the question.  If I take it, it goes right through me and makes for one hell of a "messy" night, not to mention the frequent hourly runs to the toilet.  Sometimes even causing abdominal discomfort.  So, what does one do when you catch a cold and have Crohn's..??  For me, just about nothing. 
I did discover that the majority of cold medicines, and there are hundreds, contain the same medicine as a regular, or extra strength Tylenol.  The active ingredient is the same, so why spend the extra money on something you already have in the medicine cabinet. This is what I take now and it seems to work nicely.  Another thing I discovered since my Remicade treatments, Nyquil doesn't affect me like it use to.  I can now take it and not have discomfort, only have to go to the bathroom a few times in the night and have only minimal accidents.
Medicine, like food and drink, for Crohn's is trial and error.


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Charles Quincey said...

have been in the hospital in Kalamazoo, MI for five days now because of a minor sinus infection. Now come to find out I have C-Diff and a terribly swollen Colon (which yes I know rhymes)and nowhere else to fit in. Any ideas? I even get looks from the geriatric patients on the floor because I'm 26 and I feel like they think I'm stealing heir thunder. or is that flatulence?

Vern Laine said...

Sorry to hear. You might have got C-Diff from the hospital unfortunately and the swollen colon would be part of it. I'd be asking the doctors how you got this and what they are doing about it, hopefully they are pumping you full of antibiotics.
Good luck!