Thursday, August 27, 2015

All 'Pee' and Clear

Sorry that I haven't updated, but have been dealing with my kidneys.  Unfortunately, kidney stones are secondary to Crohn's Disease and I have been suffering through them on and off for 25 years now.  Now I have been researching a low oxalate diet.  Most of the foods and drinks that are high in oxalates I don't take anyway, but now I'm learning that if I were to have something that is higher, then I need to eat, or drink, something with calcium.  Calcium is the key to lowering the oxalate.  BUT, I normally don't drink milk, etc. because of lactose intolerance, so it's been interesting researching what foods have calcium. 
I have the stent removed now (that was "fun") and no longer have the flank pain from my kidney.  The doctor told me it was one of the longest surgeries she's ever done with stones, just over an hour. I had 4 and one almost 1.5 cm.  I had to keep the stent in for a week and a half, but she was able to get them all by either using the basket or breaking them up by laser.  I like to say, "all 'pee' and clear".
I have been taking my time off writing more of my book.  I got the title copywrited and didn't realize when I started writing, that it would be such a long process trying to remember everything over the 27 years of my disease.
It's coming along though...

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Dad said...

Yeah for You!

I shall look forward to reading your "memoirs"!