Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Remicade : Day 1037 Fast-Tracking

Infusion day today and I lucked out...there was a cancellation and I got in early !! 
Also, today was the first day of "fast-tracking", so instead of a 2 hour infusion, it was an hour and a half.  And yes, that half hour makes a big difference =)  Fast-tracking is basically where they start the drip a little faster than normal.

We're starting out at an hour and a half to see how I tolerate it and we'll go from there.  If everything goes well after a few more infusions, the next time I see my specialist maybe I can get her to take it down to an hour.  So far, so good.

I figure after almost 3 years on the juice with no problems, it was time to start.
Today, I don't think I looked at the clock once, but I did get really tired real fast.  More than usual. 
I could have easily taken a nap right there....but I'm saving it for tonight that I might sleep.......bbbbwwwwaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!!   I'm so funny

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Cj said...

You go for it Vernon! This treatment is the best you have had in almost 30 years!