Thursday, April 2, 2015

Crohn's, Sweat and Tears

Last week I saw a dietician to get started (or restarted) on an eating plan.  High protein, low fibre, little and often.  So, I have my regular breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also snacks at 9am and 3pm and another around 8pm.  I already feel I have a little more energy throughout the day.  I usually ate around 6am before work and not again until lunchtime, mainly because I didn't want to have to go to the bathroom at work (I come home for lunch).
With the help of a fellow Crohn's patient I met on Twitter, I have a 3 circuit workout program which I started on Wednesday.  DAMN!  am I out of shape!  I only did 4 exercises, 6 reps of each and I was so out of breath I had to lay down.  I'm sensing this is going to be a long process.  I certainly don't have the body of when I was a competitive where near.
But....I have the ball rolling and have to keep it rolling, wish me luck!


Cj said...

You go for it!
We are all with you!

caroline said...

I just recently learned that today's wheat is nowhere near the original grain, having been manipulated to be more resistant to bugs, yield more crop etc. and that it's being associated with IBD. So I've cut it out of my diet completely, substituting rye and spelt and have halved my loo frequency. Maybe that'll help you (somebody) too? As always with these things, ther's no telling what might work...